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  1. Why do manufacturers use that ultra-glossy plastic?

    Thu 16 December 2010
    By gjost

    I bought a Western Digital external laptop hard drive the other day. I chose it because I was returning something else and had to use store credit and the other options were worse. The case has that ultra-glossy finish that the iPhone and lots of laptops screens have these days ...

  2. MediaWiki Short URLs with Nginx

    Thu 18 November 2010
    By gjost

    One of the sites I develop/administer includes a MediaWiki instance. Most of the MediaWiki docs and setup examples assume you're running Apache, but Nginx is my HTTP daemon of choice. I spent a lot of time persuading MediaWiki and Nginx to work together, especially setting up "pretty URLs ...

  3. Far too often...

    Tue 31 August 2010
    By gjost

    ...engineers build what people ask them to build instead of figuring out what they actually need and building that.

    <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

  4. Story time: A dwarf, sojourning in the Shire

    Wed 04 August 2010
    By gjost

    My sincerest apologies to all my numerous readers. You must be highly disappointed to be without my insightful postings for such a long time. Prepare to be further disappointed -- I can't think of anything of my own to share with you today either. :P However, I would like to ...

  5. Django turns 1.2

    Tue 18 May 2010
    By gjost

    The Django project released version 1.2, which brings along a slew of nifty new features including the ability to connect to multiple databases, and the "smart if tag", which any Djangonaut will appreciate.

    In related news, one of my online homes Dreamhost, posted an entry to their blog yesterday ...

  6. leaving facebook...

    Mon 10 May 2010
    By gjost

    That's right, I've left all my groups, deleted all my photos, and I'm going to be deleting my Facebook account pretty soon. It doesn't mean I don't like you, it just means that I'm tired of Facebook and its (lack-of-)privacy policies. Plus I ...

  7. Capitalism...

    Wed 24 March 2010
    By gjost the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all.

    -- bumper sticker spotted in LA the other day. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

  8. The iPad: nice, but not for me

    Thu 28 January 2010
    By gjost

    So Apple released a new computer yesterday. It looks like something from some flying-car-personal-jetpack future. The interface is really slick and it's probably a dream to use. I'm sure a ton of people are going to get one, and it probably represents something as profound as the Apple ...

  9. blue moon

    Fri 01 January 2010
    By gjost

    So once again we didn't make it to the Rose Parade even though we live only a couple blocks away from it. Too much fun last night ringing in the new year to raucous Polish dance music, talking into the morning, and staring at that beautiful argent blue moon ...

  10. Wardriving (Foothill Transit)

    Fri 20 November 2009
    By gjost

    Had an interesting experience while slogging through rush-hour traffic on the 10-East last night. I'd heard all the podcasts on my phone so I had my laptop on the passenger seat running the excellent MOC (console audio file player). I found myself driving next to one of those long ...

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