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  1. 12in G4 PowerBooks can't boot from external USB drives

    Mon 11 May 2009
    By gjost

    Last year I partitioned the drive of my aging G4 PowerBook (12in Aluminum) and set it up as a dual-boot Ubuntu/OSX system. I've been pretty happy with this arrangement, but I haven't been using OS X much, really only to do some music with Ableton Live (no ...

  2. ASCII, Dammit!

    Tue 08 January 2008
    By gjost

    I just discovered a little chunk of code that made me laugh out loud. Seriously, a coworker came over to ask what was going on and I had to explain it. In case you're wondering too, the chunk of code is called

    <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

    One of the banes ...

  3. Basic Google Maps with Django

    Thu 05 May 2011
    By gjost

    I'm in the process of upgrading a site from Django 1.0 to 1.3 and ran into an unexpected problem. There are a number of pages that use django.contrib.gis to display Google Maps, and these all inexplicably stopped working. These maps don't use any of ...

  4. The Beyonders Probably Run Linux

    Tue 09 September 2008
    By gjost

    First off, this has nothing to do with the Marvel Comics Beyonder. I'm talking about the Beyonders from Iain M. Banks' awesome space-opera The Algebraist. You can read some excellent reviews elsewhere that will describe the story better than I can. Most of these focus on the Dwellers, which ...

  5. Hello World!

    Tue 11 December 2007
    By gjost

    Yep, I've decided to start offering up my own two cents to the blogosphere. Like pretty much every other blog out there you'll find my observations on the media I consume, some local issues, etc.

    This blog is also a vehicle for me to tinker around with Django ...

  6. blue moon

    Fri 01 January 2010
    By gjost

    So once again we didn't make it to the Rose Parade even though we live only a couple blocks away from it. Too much fun last night ringing in the new year to raucous Polish dance music, talking into the morning, and staring at that beautiful argent blue moon ...

  7. Capitalism...

    Wed 24 March 2010
    By gjost the extraordinary belief that the nastiest of men for the nastiest of motives will somehow work for the benefit of all.

    -- bumper sticker spotted in LA the other day. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

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