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  1. Crafting, Kitbuilding, and DIY Blogging

    Wed 12 December 2007
    By gjost

    Yeah, I know. I used "DIY Blogging" in the title of the last posting. Get over it - it's a continuation of a theme. Yes, as I described in my last post, I put together my own blog program, but it's not as big a deal as it sounds ...

  2. Django broken after Ubuntu 9.04 upgrade

    Mon 04 May 2009
    By gjost

    I recently updated my personal laptop to Ubuntu 9.04. Everything went well during the upgrade, and it's all smooth sailing on the desktop afterwards. It's not an earth-shatteringly different upgrade but it's nice and solid.

    The only problem is that it broke my local Django dev ...

  3. Django turns 1.2

    Tue 18 May 2010
    By gjost

    The Django project released version 1.2, which brings along a slew of nifty new features including the ability to connect to multiple databases, and the "smart if tag", which any Djangonaut will appreciate.

    In related news, one of my online homes Dreamhost, posted an entry to their blog yesterday ...

  4. EeePC & OLPC

    Mon 31 December 2007
    By gjost

    I got to geek out with my Dad a bit - he recently got an OLPC and was showing it off to us. It's a sweet little machine. Here's a photo of it next to my EeePC:

    EeePC & OLPC

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    The next day there was an article in the Fresno Bee ...

  5. Egypt and Cable TV's Sputnik Moment

    Mon 31 January 2011
    By gjost

    Una and I have been keeping our eyes on the unfolding story of the protests in Egypt--we hope that the situation there doesn't get out of hand, and that the outcome is more freedom and tolerance, rather than a return to Mubarak's 30-year-old dictatorship or a descent into ...

  6. Far too often...

    Tue 31 August 2010
    By gjost

    ...engineers build what people ask them to build instead of figuring out what they actually need and building that.

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  7. Fight Internet Censorship With the Grass Mud Horse

    Sat 02 May 2009
    By gjost

    A friend of mine called me recently and told me about a media phenomenon that was sweeping across China and sloshing across the Pacific to hit our shores. It's the "grass mud horse". (Actually, I think my friend may have said "gelassenheit mud horse", which is weird and not ...

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