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  1. MyCPU, the S-100, and the Mountains of Pi

    Sun 01 May 2011
    By gjost

    Today I stumbled across a link to Dennis Kuschel's MyCPU project.

    I love the fact that this guy built his own freaking 8-bit computer that has a DOS-like operating system, disk and programming tools, networking, and a web server. He used what I take to be only parts that ...

  2. International Workers' Day

    Sun 01 May 2011
    By gjost

    So today is International Workers' Day. Workers of the world... I don't know. It would be nice to do something that helped common folk at least earn a living wage... <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

  3. the music business establishment

    Sat 19 February 2011
    By gjost

    Money quote from this Financial Times article:

    Thom Yorke warned apocalyptically of its being “simply a matter of time – months rather than years – before the music business establishment completely folds”. His advice to young bands: “Don’t tie yourself to the sinking ship, because believe me, it’s sinking.”

    Radiohead ...

  4. Lots of change in Egypt...

    Fri 11 February 2011
    By gjost

    I've just been reading that Hosni Mubarak has given up his position as President (dictator) or Egypt. It looks like VP-spook-and-generally-bad-guy Omar Suleiman is not taking his place. The military leader who is taking control stopped and spoke to the crowd before going into the presidential palace. Egypt is ...

  5. Egypt and Cable TV's Sputnik Moment

    Mon 31 January 2011
    By gjost

    Una and I have been keeping our eyes on the unfolding story of the protests in Egypt--we hope that the situation there doesn't get out of hand, and that the outcome is more freedom and tolerance, rather than a return to Mubarak's 30-year-old dictatorship or a descent into ...

  6. lunar eclipse

    Tue 21 December 2010
    By gjost

    So we have this once-in-500-year astronomical event tonight. Lunar eclipse on the longest night of the year. But it's pouring rain here in sunny southern cali. Oh well. Next time. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

  7. good ol' days new again?

    Mon 20 December 2010
    By gjost

    I've been poking around some old web sites, stuff from back in the late 90s. Web design back then was a lot simpler but also more idiosyncratic. You had to hand-code stuff back then, and everybody had their own way of organizing their site (or failing to). Navbars were ...

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