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  1. Internet Freedom Day AKA Aaron Swartz Day

    Wed 16 January 2013
    By gjost


    In six days, on January 18th, it’s the one year anniversary of the blackout of Wikipedia, and some have discussed celebrating it as Internet Freedom Day. Maybe we should call this Aaron Swartz Day, in honor of this heroic figure. While what happened that day was ...
  2. spontaneity + money = irony, cynicism

    Thu 15 September 2011
    By gjost

    I'm currently working on layouts for an exhibition site at the museum I work at, and which shall remain nameless. I'm a web developer, not a graphic designer. This means that somebody else comes up with the designs and I have to make them work as web pages ...

  3. YMO @HollywoodBowl 2011

    Sun 26 June 2011
    By gjost
    YMO at Hollywood Bowl 2011

    That's right: Yellow Magic Orchestra is playing the Hollywood Bowl. Tonight. I can't begin to communicate to you how big of a deal this is. I've been a huge fan of YMO since a particular day in 1985 when Toshi Sakurai popped a copy of BGM into ...

  4. Kit-Cat Pie

    Tue 31 May 2011
    By gjost

    I've just finished my last piece of a Kit-Cat Pie, a culinary delicacy from the 1600s, which I heard about while reading the third book in Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle trilogy. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->

    Kit-Cat Pie with some ale

    The Baroque Cycle is set in the 1600s, at the dawn of modern science, finance, and ...

  5. The Right to Read

    Sat 21 May 2011
    By gjost

    Whatever you think about Richard Stallman, you have to admit he is prescient. I came across Vivek Haldar's post about how Stallman's 1997 article "The Right to Read, about a dystopian future, predicted current rules around ebooks on the Kindle and iPad, basically that sharing equals stealing. Here ...

  6. Basic Google Maps with Django

    Thu 05 May 2011
    By gjost

    I'm in the process of upgrading a site from Django 1.0 to 1.3 and ran into an unexpected problem. There are a number of pages that use django.contrib.gis to display Google Maps, and these all inexplicably stopped working. These maps don't use any of ...

  7. Learning Perl

    Tue 03 May 2011
    By gjost
    Learning Perl, 5th ed (O'Reilly)

    I'm cramming through Learning Perl again (last time was back in 1997) to get up to speed for a potential gig. After 13 years of Cold Fusion, Java, PHP, Python, and after hearing Randall Schwartz talk on FLOSS Weekly about how Perl looks like line noise, I have to ...

  8. Standing desk

    Sun 01 May 2011
    By gjost
    standing desk

    So there's been a lot of buzz recently about "standing desks". It started with an article in the NYTimes (I haven't looked for it but it's probably behind their new paywall) about the health risks of sitting all the time. Basically it shortens your lifespan. Soon after ...

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