Standing desk

standing desk

So there's been a lot of buzz recently about "standing desks". It started with an article in the NYTimes (I haven't looked for it but it's probably behind their new paywall) about the health risks of sitting all the time. Basically it shortens your lifespan. Soon after that I started seeing blog posts from people who were modifying their furniture to let them stand up while they work. You can find my collected links here.

I've been feeling restless at work, sitting at my desk in my windowless office, and have been wanting to do something similar for awhile. When I was in high school and college I used to work out at my Grandpa's (and later my uncle's) farm over the summers, which gave me a good three months of exerice every year, but there's no physical component of my current programming job. I could always take up jogging (or at least walking) but that would be in addition to my work.

Since my side gig went away I've had more time at home. I tried setting up a makeshift standing desk using a couple keyboard stands but it wasn't quite high enough. Then I realized the network rack I keep our servers and networking gear in is just the perfect height. I've been working from this for at least a couple hours per day for the last couple days, and it's working out pretty nicely. The first day was pretty hard but today (third day) it's not so bad at all. We'll see if I can keep it up.

Update 2011 May 28: Well... I think with standing desks you kinda have to discipline yourself to use them for awhile before they become natural. It probably also helps to have no other seating options in the area, and friends/family/coworkers who help reinforce the decision to use a standing desk. I work several days a week in an office with a regular desk, and there's a couch right next to my setup right there so... well, I need to be more disciplined. We'll keep trying. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->