spontaneity + money = irony, cynicism

I'm currently working on layouts for an exhibition site at the museum I work at, and which shall remain nameless. I'm a web developer, not a graphic designer. This means that somebody else comes up with the designs and I have to make them work as web pages.

The design I've been given to work with uses a lot of slanted lines. If you've ever done web development you will know that slated lines are difficult to work with, given that pretty much anything non-graphical (i.e. HTML text. CSS areas, etc) can only be oriented rigidly horizontal and vertical.

I would very much like to tweak the design to make it fit better, but apparently this exhibition has a 40-page style manual and any tweaks will have to be approved by at least three different organizations.

Now for the delicious irony. The exhibition is part of a series, which shall also remain nameless, which celebrates the birth of the art scene in LA. The creative impulse! Artists running wild, painting and sculpting and photographing and breaking all social norms and taboos! The freedom of the human spirit! Yeah, whatever. <!-- SUMMARY_END -->